It all started when...

Body Logic came to me one day when my daughter asked me to buy her some face wash at the store. I looked at the ingredients on the back and could not believe the poison that she was willing to lather her face in every day. Thinking back to the months I would spend traveling around Europe before coming to the US, I had a vision of the natural herbs and oils and scents I saw when visiting Provence, France.

Those were the ingredients that people should be using to nourish their skin, I thought. Not the poison and toxins found in the big name brands. And that is when it clicked, I could create a new business that not only was good for skin and for the body, but one that mixes some of my greatest passions. Passions that include a love for self-care, for creativity, for the environment, and for my kids. I could create a product that matches our lifestyle. A lifestyle that includes worshiping the body with organic and healthy foods, but also natural and organic body products. And so for the last 2 years, I have spent every day researching and testing products I believe will help people to see what their bodies need, something that makes sense for every mother, daughter, family, and even dog.

I created Body Logic.